Welcome to Lowell Solicitors

This is an important message – please read it in full. For further information, please visit our Coronavirus FAQs page.

In order to protect the health and wellbeing of our colleagues during the Coronavirus outbreak, we are now operating with a significantly reduced level of staff. As a result, our opening hours on Monday - Friday have changed to 9am - 6pm and there is currently an average delay of 20 minutes in getting through to our call centre. There may also be a delay in receiving a response to any written communication, including emails.

It is still important for you to manage your case effectively which is why we would encourage you to use our Online service. You can continue to review the status of your case, make a payment and set up or amend a repayment arrangement. You can also make a payment over the phone now by using our Automated Payment Service – if you wish to do so, call the number on our letters and press 1 when prompted.

Any automated payment which is due to be processed, including direct debit and continuous payment authority (CPA), will continue to process as normal during this time. If this is likely to cause an issue for you, please get in touch or speak with your bank.

If you need to discuss an upcoming Court hearing, you can still contact us by email, and we will try to respond as soon as possible but we strongly recommend that you also contact the County Court, especially if the hearing is due in the next few days.

Similarly, if you have been contacted by a bailiff, please contact the bailiff or County Court directly.

We will update this message with any further news, including any further disruption to our services. We apologise for any inconvenience you are currently experiencing, and ask for your understanding during this time.

If we have contacted you ...

  • We will explain the reasons for our contact in a clear and understandable way
  • We will deal with you in a professional and courteous manner
  • We will take consideration of your circumstances when discussing your case
  • We will ensure that all our communication, whether in writing or over the telephone, is not littered with legal jargon or technical terms where these are not necessary
  • We will give you the opportunity to engage with us and avoid formal legal proceedings where possible